Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Missing everything!

(Latest jet from the Malaysian Airforce)

The Malaysian Insider reports:

"Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said action will be taken against the high-ranking officials in charge during the time the RMAF jet engines went missing."

"Action will be taken"? Why no action taken since it was detected?

Malayisa Boleh. Missing everything.

We Malaysians are sick and tired of all these charades.

Maybe tomorrow we will wake up with news that the Twin Towers are missing.

Good Heavens!!
Go to Hell!!
I am sick and tired; now please go read the details HERE:


PM said...

In the land of the Bolih, all this will be covered up again. I don't miss anything and I am not tired. I will only be tired when the whole country is in ruins.

Big question "Is it stolen in the true sense." or "Is it a cover up as stolen when donated to another country and in return with a gift of 50 million"

aah-haa said...

I venture to guess that there was complicity and conspiracy from rank & file to the top brass and on to Putrajaya. Without doubt corruption was the core and cover-up is inevitable until someone brings it to the fore. Not one but two F5 jet-fighter engines can take off into thin air without a wisker of a whisper is certainly 'boleh' that Malaysia 'can do'.

bow said...

Obviously for someone to steal the fighter jet engines for several months without anybody realize or ( turn a blind eye) tell you that some high ranking air force officers are involved, even with the latest disclosure after the news broke, we know well in advance that cover up with slap on the wrist by BN cabinet on these Malaysian thieves is the usual punishment they will get, nothing much we should expect from it since it is a corruption case in bolehland.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, officials involve in stealing government property will not faced harsh punishment, the most severe punishment is loss of present job or transfer to different department. Then after a while, every one forget about it, and then same thing happen all over again. haha......Welcome to bolehland ..

bow said...

One of the air force officer implicated in this theft is a Brigadier General, he was sack from his job by the PM, receive his retirement benefit and all the perks of a pensioner, no wonder he rather steal and get an early retirement benefits than work for another twenty years to receive them, not mentioning this include the profit he make from the stolen fighter jet's engine. Welcome to bolehland!! hahaha...


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