Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time has changed.

"Cheques will be phased out by October 31 2018, the UK's Payments Council has announced."

This was reported in Yahoo News.

Time has changed. Nothing in this world can withstand the tide of time. If 20 years ago, someone were to say you could hold a small pack shaped like a chocolate bar and talk to your friend without even putting it close to your ear, you would be considered mad.

What about opening up a flat compact box and talk to the world with instant images, view videos, and buy and sell things, find anything you need to know, without any wire connecting to it?

In the history of mankind, the two most fascinating developments are the mobile phone and the wireless internet! Things change for better or worse. If we don't flow with this tide of change, we will be left behind.

Right at this moment the world is demanding that the three biggest polluters of the earth, China, Japan and the USA to start earnestly and honestly to reduce pollution and halt the negative climate change. If they are not going to start now, all of us will be in serious trouble, including them. Greed and so-called development have made them foolish enough to continue digging their (our) own graves. To read more on the United Nations Climate Change Conference, please click HERE.

Please do your little part to get your voice heard. A million people like you and me will make a loud sound and a great impact on the world leaders. Not a million, we are now talking about millions of world citizens lobbying for positive actions through the internet. Please visit Avaaz to send in your message of concern.

Coming back to the local scene, can the present government change its stance? I believe NO. It has been in power for too long. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It has been in power for too long that it no longer has the ability to change even if it wanted to. The one race that the government is supposed to help is being led to "Timbuktu" or to some dark ages. The government is misleading this one race to think that they are being favoured. In the end if this is not stopped, this one race will not progress with time, and will be left behind, just like the bank cheques. If this one race is smart enough to realize this, then they should wake up and seek true justice and progress for their own well-being.

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bow said...

The so call "this one race" in local sense you mentioned here is not stupid like you want to believe, ever since independence, one race dominate the country and political stage, and receive privilege and favorable quota for decades without hard work, in control of all economy fields in Malaysia, of course it is going to be the same as long as the political power remain in the stranglehold of a racist party, nothing can change the fact at all even with drastic climate change threatening the survival of all species on this small earth.


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