Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If only, if only..........

If only I knew how stupid I was.

If only I was matured enough to think and act correctly.

If only, if only.

Sometimes it's too late to "if only". I would have drowned 40 years ago if the small "boat" had capsized!! You see, I was just an ignorant teenager following friends to an outing, not knowing that they were going into a very small boat of not more than 6 feet. I did not know how to swim at that time.

I think there were 4 of us in the fragile dingey. Before embarking, I was apprehensive but plain youthful naivety took the day and in I got into the boat. We did "sail" out into deep waters. I was destined to live. If the small dingey had capsized, I would be in the news for a few days and of course forgotten in due course.

Only when you have gone through real life experiences can you then understand why accidents can happen.

This is life. If you are to die tragically, you die. If you have good fortune like me, you live to see another day.

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