Monday, January 4, 2010

Why fight over shadows?

The above picture shows just a minute part of outer space. It is said that there are billions of stars out there. I would take it that there are countless or limitless numbers of stars out there.

Just consider 1 tiny twinkling star as our sun. We can't even see our earth. It is so infinitesimal minute in this cosmic display that it is as good as non-existent. Then what about one human in this cosmic scenario? He is much less than a minute speck of dust in the eyes of the universe. What about the life span of this one person? In terms of cosmic timeframe, by the time you read this line, he is dead and gone.

We are so insignificant and our time is so limited. Why are we so foolish
fighting over shadows? What has our little minds come to? Where is goodwill and tolerance?

There is only one religion, the religion of Peace.

There is only one prayer, the prayer of Compassion.

There is only one temple, the temple of the Heart.


A true Malaysian said...

I get what you mean, Justin.

It is easy to loose sight on some petty matters sometime, that see molehill as a mountain. In Hokkien we term this as "5 sen is bigger than a bullock card wheel".

That's why is good to always reflect ourselves, as we can be petty sometime, without we realise it in the first instance.

Justin Choo said...


"5 sen is bigger than a bullock card wheel".

I thought this means a miser, especially referring to Penang millionaires!!

A true Malaysian said...


Millionaires can be petty, don't they, not just those in Penang?

Maybe being petty (in this case 'Kiam Siap') make them millionaires. But, upon death, what would have happened? Can they carry their wealth along?

bow said...

All great religions teach about the same doctrine to each respective believers. Government shouldn't dwell on any divisive issue with aim to separate all Malaysians into different category or group, but should unite all of us regardless of race, gender, or belief for the best of our country.

The world is getting tougher for a small country like Malaysia every day, officials should focus on taking the country forward and moving upward among nations instead of backward and continue its down fall yearly; use our natural and human resources wisely to prepare and ready for a tough sailing ahead in light of the global economy recession.

Time wait for no nation in world stage, if officials continue to fight over petty issues and refuse to act maturely, Malaysians will be left behind in this rising global competitive environment sooner than you can imagine.


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