Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A wise comment.

One of my valued readers has posted a comment which I consider very wise. Below is the full text. Thank you "bow" and I hope your permission is given without my asking.

bow said...
All great religions teach about the same doctrine to each respective believers. Government shouldn't dwell on any divisive issue with aim to separate all Malaysians into different category or group, but should unite all of us regardless of race, gender, or belief for the best of our country.

The world is getting tougher for a small country like Malaysia every day, officials should focus on taking the country forward and moving upward among nations instead of backward and continue its down fall yearly; use our natural and human resources wisely to prepare and ready for a tough sailing ahead in light of the global economy recession.

Time wait for no nation in world stage, if officials continue to fight over petty issues and refuse to act maturely, Malaysians will be left behind in this rising global competitive environment sooner than you can imagine.

January 5, 2010 2:56 AM

Very wisely put, "bow"!


A true Malaysian said...

Very wise comment.


PM said...

It will not happen here as long as umno is in control???

bow said...

Hi, Justin, thank for agreeing with me on this. We Malaysians are living in a small country that don't had much of the luxury of advance or big country to fight over petty issues like economy share, political power, religion etc..daily by political or elected officials indefinitely without getting burn badly at the end of this century.

Hi, PM i am sure it will not happen so long as racially base political party continue to rule and govern with the old way of division rather than a unity way of governance. The choice is up to all Malaysians which one is better for the country.

romerz said...


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Justin Choo said...


Your comment here is sufficient. Those reading my blog will go to the link that you provided.

Good luck to you.

aah-haa said...

I have a difficulty trying to reconcile the statements in the first paragraph - religion and government policies. While mainstream religions have something in common, they have a lot of differences too. Religions have been just as divisive as government policies. The difference: religious doctrines appear to be divine and followers can be dogmatic while government policies are made by politicians and civil servants who are not some divine beings or dieties and are defiled by their prejudices, self-interest, greed, protective instincts, self-propagation. There are countries or states run or ruled by religio-politico parties and sorry to say, are no better than many secular countries run by free-thinkers!

stephen said...

That's a good one Bow.All great religions teach peace and goodwill.Unfortunately, as you pointed out,it is overzealous humans who misinterpret and read in between the lines who cause all the divisiveness in this world.

bow said...

Hi, Stephen, you are right. There is someone out there who try to misinterpret all these religions doctrines and teaching to justify act of terror or violence against each other in Malaysia. I am sure many Malaysians are wise enough to see the difference in those distorted statement and action perpetrated by certain group or individual; after all, many Malaysians are peace and fun loving lots.. haha....


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