Saturday, January 30, 2010

PKR must do a real Spring cleaning.

The Chinese New Year is in two weeks' time. Tradition calls for Spring cleaning in most Chinese homes to rid cobwebs and unwanted parasites. Parasites are a species of irritating pests. There is nothing they can contribute to the harmony of the ecology. At least spiders can take care of insects and mosquitoes for us. These parasites are a curse to human existence.

There are also political parasites of the worst kind. They are there just to suck, take and irritate. When there is nothing left for them to suck or take, they irritate. Let's liquidate them once and for all! But like the real parasites, you can never kill them all permanently. So periodically you have to use insecticide and poison to eliminate them.

PKR has to do a serious thorough Spring cleaning. It's long overdue. Don't wait till the last minute. It may be too late by then. These parasites might have inflicted permanent damage.

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PM said...

Anwar has no balls to sack Zul

Anonymous said...

PKR can't do that , it is a "Chinese" culture to clean house before Chinese New Year arrival, doing so will destroy the identity of 'Malay-ness' in the eye of Malay supporters. haha...

A true Malaysian said...


Read this,

“The teachings of Gandhi through the sadia graca philosophy was that of us human beings universally having to love one another, having to live in peace with one another, having to uphold the truth, to uphold correct ideals,” said KwaZulu Natal’s provincial leader, Acting Premier Willis Mchunu.

This is very similar with Buddhism.

Grace said...

Hi Justin,

How are you? CNY again around the corner ar! And I'm real happy even the prices of things have gone up. Have done your CNY shopping ar?

But what spoils my mood and everything else is my post -surgery problems la. The removal of my left ovary now poses some problems - hormonal imbalances. My PMT started 10 days before menstruating and it causes a myriad of pains and aches.

I had asked the blockhead doctor who operated me on this. He said all above nuisances would be stopped only when I reached my menopause! And I had to pay RM 155 for the consultation.

Only if I know the Thai kickboxing, he may NOT be able to maintain his good looks - He is a very fair skinned Punjabi, bright eyes, in his 40s.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

sacking him will make him as a hero.
good that he left biting his own tail and might whines all the way to umno's kennel.

But what about Pas?
they suspended Khalid for 6 months and just a lousy warning letter to hasan the beer man


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