Thursday, February 4, 2010

So do me.

"So do me." Do you understand this phrase? You are most probably wrong. You see, language has its peculiarity and absurdity. English language is no exception. How do you pronounce "tyre"? What about "the tyre"? It should be pronounced "teh tarikh". Have one on me.

"So do me" are the mucical notes, silly. Just like "do re mi".

Or is it little children's complaining to the teacher, "So do me!" In this case, "So" is another child's name, and he disturbed his friend; so his friend complained, "Teacher, So do me!"

"So do me" can also be the latest instant mee, cashing in on Anwar's predicament.

"So do me" can be bad English for "So do I."

What if we join the words together...."Sodome"?

This is serious. In certain "puritanical culture" you cannot do what you want even in the privacy of your own house, or bedroom to be precise. These people claim their God-given right that others can do it only the one way. Who knows whether these God-forsaken people follow what they "preached" or "demanded". What the heck. Who cares what Anawara did in his privacy. Of course nobody cares, but some parties just have to "strangle" this Anawara, to get him out of the way from top governance. What a better strategy than to use the "proven method" of the Old Fox with Big Tail. "Big" in Pali is "Maha". So Big Tail can be pronounced as Maha Tail!

So you see, anyone can use language to twist and turn.

Sodomy or So do me! Or rather, "So do I."

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Anonymous said...

For an Islamic state like Malaysia, it is pronounced as "SO DO HIM " not "So DO ME",hahahaha...

The federal government is wasting so much time and resources in trivial matter and petty issue while majority of imbeciles cheer on, it is the trademark of a fail central government, my friend.


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