Monday, February 22, 2010

After a hectic week.

What have you been up to the past week? Visiting, eating, and overcome by the heat wave!

Funny, the people you visit during the new year are mostly relatives whom you don't visit for the rest of the year!! And once a year, you ask the same questions you did the previous year. Likewise they ask you the same questions too. Then you "exchange" ang pows. Then you say good-bye, see you next year!! Hahahaha!!!

I am spared from this yearly rituals. Although I went visiting two places once a year. That's not too bad. Some of you would have added the total to double digits. And out-station too.

After that you have a good sleep, and then you visit the real friends and the genuine caring relatives. Maybe your busy schedule was not like that. Well and good. Different people have different ways of celebrating the Chinese New Year.

For me it was as usual a very quiet affair. But you can't simply avoid being tired out. Yes, the spring cleaning. And we don't have a maid to help out. It is still new year though. And Chap Goh Meh is next Sunday. Being in Penang, you got the opportunities to be with the crowd, celebrating the events. For me, I live a quiet lifestyle hidden away in one quiet corner in the mainland, watching birds visiting my garden with their melodious whistling. The tinggling of my wind chimes add to the stereo effect.

May I wish you peace and good health.


A true Malaysian said...


How I wish I could visit you before Chap Goh Meh.

But, really, I concur with you that CNY visiting, shuttling from one station to the other are fast becoming ritualistic norm, carry no meaning and beingtied down by tradition and so on.

Your way of listening to melodious whistling of visiting birds and watch them dancing around in your garden is more real and envy to many.

You should count yourself lucky, but of course, nothing is perfect in this materialistic world.

My best regards to you, your wife, your children and your grand daughter. Every day should be a happy day. Why wait until new year day? Hahaha

Justin Choo said...


Thanks for the comments and wishes.

Lately, I got this feeling that this blog is becoming very lonely. Just like talking to myself!


A true Malaysian said...


You are not talking to yourself. No comment doesn't means no reader.

Your wisdom and flawless English are what attracted me to your blogs.

You are definitely not lonely in spirit. One can be physically in a crowd, but still feel lonely. Keep sharing your thoughts my friend.

Justin Choo said...


Ha ha! That makes my day.

I shall then continue to talk to myself, with you listening!

Lately I am trying to achieve a "target" in another site; trying to post 30 articles within my first 30 days of joining. That's the reason this blog is going a bit slow in my posting. Give me another week.

Caroline said...

A True Malaysia is right. No comment doesn't mean no readers. many are like me, I really enjoy reading your articles here and other blog and I don't leave comments.That doesn't mean I don't appreciate it.So please contiue to share your knowledge with us :)Someone, somewhere will benefit what you contributed.

A true Malaysian said...


Justin wants more. He want more commentators as well, hahahahaha!!!!

In this way, we keep him busy, not lonely. Let's make him busy, no time to sleep, hahahahahaha!!!!

Justin Choo said...

ATM and Caroline,

You may not know know each other; but through the wonders of the internet, may I introduce both of you. Funny way of introducing, isn't it.

Ok: This is for Caroline: I am most happy and surprised that you finally "appeared" in this blog!!
Hope you appear here more frequently. ATM is not the ATM machine, although his mind may work like one, for he deals indirectly with the control of income and expenditure. Just like you, ATM has become a special friend of mine through the internet.

This is for ATM: Caroline is a very pretty lady. She is married with kids. She used to fly high for the the little dot down below. Now she is grounded, but no longer "available." The lucky man is also very handsome. I know because they have also become my "special friends" through the wonders of the internet.


By the way, I have reached my target. If I have the time, I shall post an article about this tomorrow, and provide link to this newfound site.

PM said...

Belated..Happy Chinese New Year to you Justin and family.

Don"t feel rejected. Continue your blogging

Justin Choo said...


Thank you for your greetings; and the encouragement.

You must have just returned from your happy holidays.

A true Malaysian said...

Hahaha!!! For Justin to say a lady pretty, she is sure a pretty one. Without you telling me, by the name Caroline (pronounce as Carol-lyn or Carol-line, doesn't matter) itself is a beautiful name.

Indeed, internet is a wonderful invention. I am indeed honoured to be regarded as your special friend. I too regard you as one.

Justin, how can you be so greedy? You got so many special friends, yet complaining about being lonely. Hahahaha!!!!!!

To Caroline : Hope to get to meet you one of the days. It is not easy to get "praises" from Justin. Hahahaha!!!!!

Justin Choo said...


"It is not easy to get "praises" from Justin"
You are wrong this time.

If you are a pretty girl, no problem. I always compliment pretty girls. When I am at the bank, I always compliment the pretty girls. Wish I was like that when I was young. Those days too shy to talk to girls, especially the pretty ones!! Hahahaha!!!!

Now old man already, can dare talk to pretty girls. TOO LATE!!

PM said...

A man as he gets older he becomes more itchified. Life begins at 60.

Ya just returned from holidays.

Regarding the yearly ritual mentioned you should coordinate with your family members who and who would prepare a family gathering and all would gather there. This will put a stop to un-necessary travelling.

Justin Choo said...


Lucky you!

For me, I have "lost" part of my "family" from the day they dumped my mother in the old folks home!

Caroline said...

My name is pronounce as Carol-line. I know Pauline, Madeline and Angeline etc is pronounce as -lyn. So I do get people called me carol-lyn a lot. I can see that ATM and PM is always 'chatting' with Justin online. Glad you guys have become special friends. Justin is like a sage, always know what to say. I really enjoy his other sites too, especially those on Buddhism. He seems shy in person but not at all online, on the contrary very cheeky and funny. Justin, you seems to heading to the bank pretty often huh? Read couple of articles about you being at the bank. Are you there to deposit money or observe the pretty tellers?..or better still..both....ha!

Justin Choo said...


It's good you continue to communicate here. You will find it's fun to communicate with friends here.

Yes, I am not a social person. I often feel very awkward in company like attending gatherings. That's why I don't like going to functions. I simply can't engage in empty talk.

As for going to the bank, It's a losing game each time I went because I went to withdraw money for my daily expenses, slowly depleting my savings. It was very frightening each time I went to the bank. But once I reached there I forgot to get frightened, when I spent my time appreciating the beauty of the young girls. Hahahahaha!!!!

Yes, I'm funny when in good company; but this side of my personality has caused me much trouble when I inadvertently "hurt" people's feeling. The latest incident ATM should know. SIGH!

A true Malaysian said...


That episode was indeed very unfortunate as far as I am concerned. All involved are people of good nature and special friends in one way or the other. All shared the common aim to make Malaysia a promising land though with different paths.

So, if such a small circle of friends can also caused distrusts, what more to expect from a bigger circle of politicians from both sides?

Internet especially through blogging is no more a dead thing. It involves feeling, sentiments, emotion to the extent that when one is pissed, words that are unthinkable from a respectable individual can be uttered and they are hurtful.

But, life is like that, so long as our conscience is clear, anything else is secondary.

On lighter side, I thought the latest comment of Caroline would make you blush, but apparently you don't. Perhaps you already seasoned. Hahaha !!!!

rene said...

Hi Justin, just to let you know your few blogs are to ones i keep going back too despite telling myself that i have to better manage my time!
also, i always recommend your lifeislikethat to those who want to know more about buddhism cos i like the way you put it.
keep it up, for the good of the rest of us!
bro rene

Justin Choo said...

Hi rene,

Do I know you from somewhere? My apologies as I can't recall.

rene said...

Sukhi hotu Uncle Justin, no, u dont know me cos I am a silent reader of your few blogs...Btw, i am from Sgp. Love yr blogs & keep it up. rene

Justin Choo said...

Hi Rene,

So, I also have a secret admirer!


Thank you for reading my articles. Hope you keep at it.

Take care.

A true Malaysian said...

Secret admirer ah, happy lah lu.

rene, read Justin is much much better than read Rony Tan. Don't be misled by those low grade testimonies.

Read this

Yeap CS is that kind of Christian Christians should be, not this Tan fellow.

rene said...

Hi Justin & ATM(I like your initial,lol!)
Lets not waste time on them and move on.
For me, learning and practicing the Buddha Dharma has transform my life. Learning from the many sources, including Justin's has helped much. When I go to Penang, I shall pay him a visit(if he welcomes me!) hahaha! bro rene

A true Malaysian said...


Haha!!! ATM with no cash in it. I never use this initial. It is the design of my fellow friends of this internet virtual world. You see, they are just lazy to address me 'A true Malaysian' yet, they can write long winded comments and articles. Funny right?

You may notice I never use uppercase T in my 'true' self, as I am just a tiny dust that wish to contribute something to Malaysia,and maybe to mankind & humanity.

Initial of AtM should be more proper, as I am not ATM that is loaded with hard cash.


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