Monday, February 8, 2010

Lim Guan Eng, CM of Penang; NOT lackey of UMNO.

Lately we have been hearing criticisms of LGE. That's good positive news! If there is no criticisms, then Penang is trouble again.

For those within DAP who are complaining, why not you take over LGE's job and see whether you are better than him? For those PKR opportunists who are formerly from UMNO, I like to quote LGE's favourite statement, something like "better get used to it." Those former UMNO warlords turned PKR opportunists; if you can't get used to it, go back to UMNO. Good riddance. What about PAS trouble makers? Say what you like.

One message is very clear. Lim Guan Eng is THE CM of Penang, not a lackey of UMNO.


PM said...

CM Penang is sorting them out. Good for Penang...I am sure Penang lang are not blind.

2 dollars co. to manage a golf course???and another donkey for a shoplot..shit this is not BN ruling Penang.

Rightly said not lackey of umno

bow said...

I can tell this chief minister is facing plenty of pressure from special interests and racist group to abandon a good governance policy for Penang and demand him to stay with discriminatory practices and regressive approach. It is not easy for him trying to keep the lead and make Penang the most progressive and prosperous state in Malaysia, there are forces out there want to drag Penang backward to keep in par with those regressive and backward states within Malaysia, it is just a reality Mr Lim need to constantly deal with during his tenure as Chief Minister for Penangites. But i think he will not mind to get some helps from blogger like Justin to put thing straight in cyber space. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

All those racists idea are created by UMNO and supported by others. Imagine the writer Kah Seng asked Hindraf to point the gun at PR.

See UMNO are say that the race is no longer the owner and demand their share and the Hindraf also want their share. It is acceptable if the cake is big. But Penang paying so much to arno Government and getting kachang putih in return. No wonder those 3Ms - monkeys, mahlau and monyets from Malay NGOs and Hindraf are jumping trying to eat the kachang putih.

bow said...

If Penang's PR state government is able to steer this state out of the economy slum and place the state at the front of all others backward states in Malaysia without umno-BN race and religion discriminatory policy but with merit base governance, then it will spell the end of racists political domination in Malaysia's federal government once and for all, it is no doubt umnoputra will go all out to create chaos and terror inside Penang.


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