Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news for Pakatan Rakyat!

The Malaysian Insider reports:

“I imagine that there would be a mass exodus and I think it is already happening for obvious reasons because the problem is very glaring. The dissatisfaction cannot be hidden anymore,” Muhyiddin told reporters at the Felda headquarters here.

Usually I never agree with BN (UMNO) politicians. But this time I have to agree whole-heartedly, and heartilly. Yes, for "obvious reasons". Cannot get "jalan" so "gostan-lah." Please leave fast. That will be doing Saudara Anwar a very big favour!

Good riddance! Good-bye!


A true Malaysian said...

Let's celebrate CNY, Justin.

Good news, a spring cleaning without our own effort. They "spring clean" themselves with this exodus.

The bigger exodus the better, the house is cleaner.

Justin Choo said...


The rubbish is now being transferred to the appropriate junkyard.


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