Friday, February 5, 2010

This is childish.

The Malaysian Insider reports:

"An effigy of Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng was set alight today by a group of protestors from two Malay NGOs, during a demonstration against what the group claims were discriminatory practices by the local administration."

This is childish behaviour of the lowest degree. It reflects on the mentality of these people. There is an absence of social courtesy. I wonder why many "actions" were done after Friday prayers? Where is the common decency of a cultured society. What happen to good manners and decorum?

Look at those hooligans in British football games. Then look at the cultured English gentlemen.


bow said...

You should be angry these hooligans manage to desecrate your elected chief minister portrait unchallenged by police in Penang. These monkeys gangsters ( umno supporters and members) show the lowest form of animals behaviors in your state to one of of the official elected by majority of your peers in Penang, i understand your feeling , Justin, but beware these people may have terror connection with some global terrorist group which bend on making Malaysia the center command for international terror operation. lol!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The PR Penang govt allows peaceful protest .
As a matter of fact all PR states govt should comes out with clear guidelines on do and dont for protesters.

No matter how silly the protest is about , let them march.
Burning of anything at all is a big NO. ( however lighting up candles / lanterns should be allow )
There are laws regarding open burning and the culprit who started the fire should be charge for creating pollution.

There were a few umno people who urinated in front of the High Court building right after the Allah verdict. They should be charge as there are laws regarding peeing in public place and indecent exposure.

Anonymous said...

Charles Darwin theory of Homo Sapien is the result of evolution from chimpanzee is proven again by these 'monkey' in Penang. Protest against action taken against illegal hawkers in Penang by state government is so ludicrous. Where are these retarded come from???? my friend!! har har har...

Anonymous said...

I read that these imbeciles not only burn the portrait of chief minister Mr Lim, they also burn the memo contains various demands they want from Penang State EXCO council regarding illegal hawkers, ended up those poor council man and woman have to guess what is actually they need to do appease these imbeciles. har har har....


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