Friday, February 12, 2010

Submarine can't dive?

Submarine can't dive?

Silly; just check whether the engine is missing or not.

Why don't they think of that?

So simple!


A true Malaysian said...

When they tell their submarine can't dive, they feel no shame at all.

They don't know what is shameful anyway.

Just blast some holes and let it dive forever, that's better.

Justin Choo said...


I can't think of any good reason for Malaysia to operate a submarine, let alone own one.

Oh yes, someone has very good reason.

PM said...

Nothing new and surprising. Hey time to buy another one...more kickback...

OR is it a justification for more maintenance fund..sheesh

novice101 said...

The spirit of Tunku must have been driving the sub, he didn't want his name to be associated with a submarine bought with inflated price.

bow said...

Haha...A submarine can't dive, maybe our super intelligent defense minister should get a warship not a submarine, he names it wrongly.. you know those imbeciles in umno had funny way of naming items.... Justin.

Anonymous said...

In bodohland, defense department officials are more interested in submarine that can sink not dive, it is part of the defense strategy against enemy attack and requirement they believe can take the country into a world superpower status by having a sinking sub. instead of diving sub. lol!! Roll Eye!!


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