Saturday, November 20, 2010

Huaxi : China's richest city; where everyone is rich and secure.

Large range map of Huaxi

Huaxi is hailed as the richest city of China.

Looks like you never have to worry about old age, sickness, children's education, employment and security.  Everything is "free" in this "new age" village.

To be fair to everyone, you work 7 days a week, just like everyone else in Huaxi.  But it's a holiday lifestyle.  So no one is complaining.  The only condition is that if you leave Huaxi, you also leave everything behind.  Yes every cent or in this case, every yuan you earned in Huaxi.  But everyone is happy to stay for good.

China boleh-lah!  (Malaysian way of saying "thumbs up") 

Sit back and find out below.  Perhaps you may want to join them.  Sorry, you have to be a Chinese citizen first.

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You can read the article in HERE

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bow said...

Of course only Chinese can live there, since it is located inside China. As a Malaysian, i prefer to stay put inside Malaysia, not China. Just let the Chinese live there happily without any foreigner like me to disrupt them, let them continue to be rich and secure as you said, i had no problem about that at all, only to wish them the best of luck.


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