Sunday, November 28, 2010

I salute you : Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu

This blogger salutes the late Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu  whose state funeral at 12 noon, Sunday 28 November 2010, is now in progress in Penang. 

Just mere coindidence :
Tun Dr. Lim  :  Birthday 28 May
Justin Choo  :   Birthday 28 May

Tun Dr. Lim :  Education ; Hutchings School and Penang Free School
Justin Choo  :  Education ; Hutchings School and Penang Fee School

The similarities end here. The great difference as below:

Tun Dr. Lim :  King's Scholar from PFS
Justin Choo  :  Also attended PFS

Tun Dr. Lim : A great politician, doctor, and family man. The most illustrious son of Penang.  The illuminating icon of Penang.  A great and far-sighted statesman who steered Penang to what it is today.
Justin Choo :  Also grew up and still living in Penang.  A tiny speck of dust still trying to settle down. 


romerz said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Justin. Not all of us can be like LCE. I'm also proud to say that I was a product of the once mighty PFS.

Too bad politics got in the way and caused this once great institution to fall by the side.

A true Malaysian said...

It's hard to find a BN politician without controversy, the late Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu inclusive.

First, he won Penang on opposition ticket, but join BN a short while. Why?

Second, his brother is the architect of Komtar. Why?

But, relatively, he had lesser controversy than other BN politicians, and by virtue of he not easily gave in to Umno, he is still a respectable statesman.

To me, Alex Lee, Goh Cheng Teik and Paul Leong are Gerakaniers that without controversy.

A true Malaysian said...

You are great person, Justin.

I know you better than I know him.

Justin is Justin, why compare?

bow said...

I personally don't know much about Dr.LCE, he is way passed my generation, may be those oldest penangites would have a better memory of this man and can relate to his political legacy in the island and some of the contribution he may have to the life of all Penangites. I just have to leave that 4 Justin to spell it all out.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks for your assurance. I hope you will resume writing in your blog. If nothing good to write about the opposition, then just remind your readers that we must boot out the known devils. We'll take care of the new devils in due course.

Always nice to hear from you after such a long elegant silence in my blog.

I was just a young boy not eligle to vote then, but I always attended LCE's public rallies.

A true Malaysian said...


Since you are a Penangite since birth and staying in Penang, perhaps you can share with us your sentiment about LCE.

If I am not wrong, you never vote for Gerakan and don't agree with Gerakan joining BN.

If LCE was like LKY, then Penang is something like Singapore now. No? Then, Gerakan is not like now.

Justin Choo said...


LCE was a pragmatic politician. He needed to join BN to get the Bridge. I think that was the big carrot.

When I was at voting age, Gerakan already joined BN, so I never voted for Gerakan. Every election I voted for DAP. Even when I was living in KL in the 80s, I went back to cast my vote for DAP, even knowing that DAP would still lose. It was my commitment to support DAP that counted.

Certain people with "fixed" ideals and principles are not made to be politicians. I think I am one of these "inflexible" people. People like me cannot go far in life because they cannot flow with the tide, and as such remain very unpopular. This is the price I paid.

Each has his/her perculiar character and personality. That's what the world is made of.

I am sure you know some people are forever likeable and popular!

"If LCE was like LKY, then Penang is something like Singapore now. No?"
Penang does not have the status of a nation. It's hands are tied up by the bigotted, corrupted and racial Big Brother. LCE has no avenue to build up Penang to be like Singapore. My view is that LCE was as capable as LKY.

"Then, Gerakan is not like now."

Gerakan is what it is now, not because of LCE. Everyone knows the two idiots responsible. One is the loud mouth doctor. The other is the no balls, big nose, back-door beggar, false doctor, who disgraced all Chinese in Malaysia.


Come next election, can you overlook everything about the opposition and vote the opposition? The message is we must kick out the present regime, to change for the better, hopefully.

A true Malaysian said...


Thank you for your responses.

I don't agree with your responses fully, maybe due to I am not a Penangite.

On one hand, you never voted for Gerakan, on the other hand, you sing praises for LCE to certain extent. I found it 'mismatched' over here.

To me, it was a wrong move for LCE to join BN especially after winning as an opposition lesser than two year ago. If LGE did that, what would you think?

'He needed to join BN to get the Bridge.' This is not a good reason for me. Who benefited most from the bridge? Your guess is as good as mine. Infrastructure within Penang island cannot cater for sudden surge in traffic volume from the bridge. Traffic congestion is what Penangite get daily.

It is a general knowledge that many leaders within Gerakan during that time against joining BN. Anyway, I wish not to elaborate further on this point as a mark of respect to LCE, a great person by any standard amongst BN leaders.

Just hope LGE can bring Penang into a greater height, not following LCE in joining BN, prove to the Malays at large that a non-Malay can be fair to all, and to prove 'Ketuanan Melayu' wrong.

Also, no one can answer me on why his brother is the architect for Komtar, an eyesore and a huge factor contributing to traffic congestion & pollution.

BN doesn't give us the impression that it is a pact to achieve racial and religious harmony. It is a pact which based on 'Ketuanan Melayu'.

(Disclaimer : I don't mean to talk bad about LCE, Gerakan, Umno, BN. If anyone is offended by my comments, thousand apologies)

Justin Choo said...


"On one hand, you never voted for Gerakan, on the other hand, you sing praises for LCE to certain extent. I found it 'mismatched' over here."

Aha! I might not agree with certain things he did; but I might not be right. He might be right in the final analysis. That made him a great politician. Credit given when credit is due.

"To me, it was a wrong move for LCE to join BN especially after winning as an opposition lesser than two year ago. If LGE did that, what would you think?"

I will do the same thing all over again. I will not vote DAP again.

Blog owner said...

Blog owner "testing" the comment section

A true Malaysian said...



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