Monday, November 15, 2010

Zaid quits PKR

The Staronline reports :
PETALING JAYA: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has decided to quit PKR, saying he has had enough of recent turn of events in the party.

I think most people are now sick of PKR.  PKR also admits that it is at a "disadvantage" if elections are held now.  What can I say?  Well, BN will shoot me if they can.  Maybe ISA. 

I already knew the devil in BN.  My mission is to kill the known devil at all costs.  My mission is to vote out BN in the next election.  It is not who to vote at this unfortunate scenario, but who to vote out.  So my motto and mission is Don't vote for BN.  That's it. 

We'll deal with the other devils in due course.


Looking for a car? said...

vote those who are justine & contribution for ppl. Not the logo of BN or PKR

bow said...

We have few more political parties to choose from, never mind if he is no more interested in PKR, we just have to depend on God guidance and let him show us the right path to make the right choice in the future for our country and our people.

Anonymous said...

Why bother that guy. He is a history now.

As if we never had enough of problem over these years.

We all know what to do, Justin.

Anonymous said...

He is not the main player inside PKR, the political party may face small set back temporarily, but on longer term, the struggle go on and the goal of the party remain the same, not base on one man hold on power and personal wishes, but the value of justice for all Malaysian.

Yap said...

PKR was doing alright without him. Why bother if he leaves...?


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