Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Malacca NOT confirmed a developed state : OECD

OECD has confirmed that it has NOT endorsed that Malacca is a developed state.  That also confirms my initial gut feeling that something fishy was going on. Please refer to my earlier post HERE.

Strangely the OECD representative Jon Hall was present in Malacca for that "official announcement" that Malacca was a developed state!!??  How come??

Who are having the last laugh, and who are now looking like fools?

Malacca Boleh!?


dewi kayangan said...


Aiyoyo, you talk politics all the time till I almost fall asleep each time I drop by at your blog.

Anyway, there a friend of mine, who appeared in Finding Angel, ntv7, not long ago. See is also Yvonne's friend.

I dunno if you can read, write chinese, but if you have a little extra time, I do wish you'd drop by at her blog, and give some jia you (supports)http://peileelim.blogspot.com/

Wish you'll grow younger and younger at heart each day! HAPPY DEVALI!


Justin Choo said...

Hi Gracie,

Sorry, I am a banana. I can't read Chinese.

Not all my postings are political. Please visit my blog more often and you will see that I post a variety of topics.

Take care.

Justin Choo

bow said...

Malacca chief minister declared his state is a developed state, regardless of OECD designation. Now it is getting confusing, it doesn't matter much to most of the local, so long as they have no problem feeding themselves and their family, whether it is developed or underdeveloped state, it is just a trivial matter.

Anonymous said...

Their faces are more than anything else.

If got to use their buttocks to make their faces look nice, they will.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Malacca chief minister and state government want everyone to accept his state as a developed 'nation' too if possible, it doesn't matter whether it is silly or ridiculous at the very least, so long as those officials feeling superior in their management skill. haha...


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