Monday, June 15, 2009

Birds have feelings too.

Tragedy of a pair of loving swallows:

The female bird was injured and the condition was fatal.
She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road.

The male partner brought her food and attended to her
with love and compassion.

He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead.
He tried to move her....a rarely-seen effort for swallows!

Realizing that his sweetheart was dead and would never
come back to him again, he shrieked with adoring love.

He stood beside her, saddened by her death.
Still calling for her.

Finally regaining his composure, he stood helplessly
beside her body with sadness and sorrow.

Millions o f people cried after seeing these pictures in America and Europe and even in India . It was said that the photographer sold these pictures for a nominal fee to the most famous newspaper in France . All copies of that newspaper were sold out on that day these pictures were published. And many people think animals don't have a brain or feelings?????


A true Malaysian said...


This story puts some people to shame. Life is precious irrespective of how inferior in the eyes of ugly human being.

Perhaps this is the reason why one of the 5 precepts in Buddhism is refrain ourselves from killing. The world does not belongs to human only.

PM said...


Can I copy the pic and send them to my friends. Wll quote the source.

Will put alot of Malaysian to shame

Looks like animals and birds may have better feelings of love than the so called human.

Justin Choo said...


Sure you can. Go ahead.

A true Malaysian said...


In term of quality of life, I always have the view of our life as human may not be as good as that of an animal like bird.

Why I say this is because, normally, human's life span is longer than let say, a bird, which means that, longer life doesn't mean good life. The longer one's life, the exposure to sufferings is greater especially in the absence of true love, like what we read in this story.

If I am in this kind of life, I rather choose to be a bird, at least I can fly here and there on my own free will, and logically shorter life span, lesser sufferings. But again, no one really knows what kind of life is for a bird.

What is the purpose of coming to this world? I wonder. What Buddha taught us is true, we need to use our wisdom to live on, we have no choice, it seems.

PM said...

True Malaysian, to put it in simple words animals and Birds do have their own suffering peculiar to them. The birds flying all over a place looking for food yet are subjected to harassment and attacks.

Whilst flying they have to be on the look out for eagles who would swoop down on them ..just like the our despotic BN regime restricting the freedom of movement.

Whilst the birds closeby to their nest having a drink of water, they are attacked by Iguana, snakes and humans... reminds me of villages being uprooted..

The places where they gather or their sanctuary, are destroyed by larger animals and human reminds me of temples being destroyed.

Some of them are caught and are put in cages..ISA

Die in cages..death in police stations

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,

Looks like our friend PM has very aptly answered your question.

Although a shorter life means shorter suffering; but that doesn't end there. When this life ends, another begins to continue our "sufferings"!!

Justin Choo said...

Another thing, A true Malaysian, just observe any bird. It is by instinct acutely alert; it constantly lifts and turns its head to check on predators. Every split second, in fact continuously it is experiencing fear of being hurt.

It's not really a happy and carefree life; being a bird.

A true Malaysian said...

Justin & PM,

I thank you both for enlighten me. Both of you are, in your own right, 'scholar' in Buddhism.

Buddhism, which was found on the basis of universal truth, have answers to 'life'.

I don't have the patience in exploring Buddhism by reading, but am fortunate enough to have known both you in blogoshpere, where I could learn Buddhism by reading articles and comments of both of you.

Thank you very much.

PM said...

True malaysian

I don't deserved to be called a scholar in not me.

It is more suited to Justin.

My knowledge is very shallow, read buddhism long time back and forgotten it all.

Infact I am also learning from Justin.

A true Malaysian said...

Yes PM,

Justin is the sifu here.

dr dolittle said...

Recently I was in South Australia, and in a small coastal town caled Victor Harbour, I saw a seagull attedning another seagull which was floating in the sea and probably dying . The first seagull was flying very low and flapping its wings, as if comforting the second seagull. It was quite a distance away, and none of us onlookers could do anything to help..

ANimals have true emotion, unlike many of our kind. The worst kind are those I have come across in political parties, shameless and without moral... Without moral, without true emotion. They can even sell their love one to achieve thier aims, i suspect.

Sigh.... Humans

Justin Choo said...

dr. dolittle,

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Whoever you are; welcome back.

Actually many living creatures have the conscience to relate and feel. Some have more; others have less. For those without, the conscience just lies dormant because they lack the faculty to think and feel.

Justin Choo said...

dr dolittle,

Chances are that you will not be reading this, but I shall take a long shot!

After surfing through my usual favoutite sites, I am now able to confirm 100% who you really are. I am sure my regular readers will also know you, if not they definitely will by the time they finished reading this comment.

Dr Dolittle, you have done all the "dolittles'; now you should do the greater things which you have been "procrastinating". We are all waiting for you to trigger the great exodus. The DAP Rocket is on high alert "stand-by" to launch you to greater heights for the benefit of all Malaysians.

A true Malaysian said...


I agree with what you commented. Dr. Dolittle can do wonders.

dr dolittle said...


Just a small fry. Cannot do wonders. But now still trying to exert small influence in a way to influence change. Playing a watchdog part and shrieked when there is unfair things occuring.At least give some pain as I bore deeper.

Justin Choo said...

dr dolittle,

Just like the little boy in The Sound Of Music, you are "incorrigible".

I have given up commenting in your blog on this subject. But since this is my blog, allow me to take the liberty to give it another shot:

""But now still trying to exert small influence in a way to influence change....""
You are not a very clever dr dolittle. The patient is clinically DEAD. Don't waste your time and looking "stupid" in the eyes of all the other Doctors. There are thousands of deserving patients out there crying to be saved. Please abandon the DEAD Duck..go over there to save the ones who really need your help.

My offer still stand, I can carry your bag!!! This is the best position for me, as I will be seen by the public when the media shine on you, just like KaTaK grinning away by the side of Bad Awi, and now by the side of Na Jeep.


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