Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brother Paul, I Salute You!

The retirement of Brother Paul Ho brought to a close the 157-year presence of the La Salle Brothers in Malaysia.

I salute you, Brother Paul!

Brother Paul has done much especially to help the “academically challenged” students, by setting up the Bakery Section, teaching these special students some living skills. My son was specially transferred from MBS to SXI solely to enroll him in the Bakery class. He is now a very happy chef earning an honest living with his skilful hands.

It is with tears in my eyes to see the last of such dedicated educationist. SXI will face the same problem as what its sister Convent Light Street (CLS) is facing now, following the retirement of its previous principal. If you listen carefully in the You Tube, Brother Paul appeared very apprehensive for the future of SXI.

For those who are not aware of CLS problem, the Department that is supposed to handle education policies is the culprit. It is this sickening attitude that we are served with mediocre replacements, mostly done on purpose to stifle the progress of the school(s). I just cannot understand the mindset of these people with little minds. What have they to gain by creating problems to the “Christian Missionary” schools?

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