Saturday, June 6, 2009

No plastic bags on every Monday in Penang.

The Penang State Government is ordering supermarkets and hypermarkets not to use plastic bags on every Monday starting from next month.

You think this will work???

I think it is just typical Malaysian approach to solving problems..the knee jerk technique. You can't just force people not to use only on Monday. In no time the supermarkets/hypermarkets will declare Mondays as days off due to poor business. I will not go shopping there on Monday, not that I don't support "green environment". It just won't work in this manner.

Just like recycling, I have given up trying to dispose off in the recycling bins my bottles and batteries simply because I cannot find any bin! To add insult to injury, I once witnessed the workers (obviously sub-contracted) just dumped everything from the 3 separate bins into their truck!!

In no time, the Police might announce that there won't be anymore snatch theft as they would have 24-hr patrol on every street each Monday!!


Anonymous said...

I think at least penang government is trying rather than not.

Anonymous said...

No plastic bag , then how supermarket going to bag their products on Monday? LGE want to destroy supermarket business. It is crazy!


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