Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swollen Headache Syndrome.

You have big head, swollen head and egg head. What about swollen headache?

Some people simply cannot keep their heads in order. A little power in their heads will make them swell until it becomes a Swollen Headache Syndrome.

PAS, the moon party seems to be suffering from this syndrome. It is said some weirdos will go bonkers come full moon each month. They have forgotten who put them in the "popularity" category during the last GE. It is the Pakatan goodwill coorperation that PAS got to see the moonlight. Now they want the whole sun.

Stop talking nonsense and behave yourselves, otherwise we shall send you to Timbaktu come next GE!!


PM said...

In the next GE, if umno looses badly, every likely PAS would team up to make up the numbers to rule the country. These turban..ed PAS clowns cannot be trusted.

WE have to rethink..

Justin Choo said...


We have to play the numbers game. We have to make sure that DAP wins BIG.

PM said...


I'm damn sure DAP will make the big numbers. Their politician have the respect of penang lang.

Hopefully they don't make silly clownish remarks like PAS political clowns.


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