Monday, April 19, 2010

Is this a saintly by-election?

Aiyoh yoh!! Is this a saintly by-election or what?

From the Malaysian Insider, It is reported that:
1.Speakers at an Umno Youth-organised public rally, “Pentas Pemuda” here last night told hundreds of party supporters that the former law minister is not fit to hold public office because of his habit.
Why didn't they say this earlier when Zaid was a BN Minister?    

2.The ruling party leaders also accused Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as being under the control of DAP for supporting Zaid as the by-election candidate.
Even if this is true, what has this got to do with the by-election?

3. While an Umno Youth leader from the movement’s orators unit Halim Tuah told party loyalists that PKR has insulted the voters for nominating the former Kota Baru MP.
Insulted for what, you pea-brain?

4. “PKR has presented a candidate who is a drunkard, an alcoholic, there is a mini bar in his house where beer and whisky are served,” said Halim to loud cheers from the crowd.
Anyone who has a mini bar is a drunkard, alcoholic?  Hey! The other candidates never drink??

Hey, don't they have any better things to say?  This is bankrupt politics.  This is gutter politics.  They have nothing good to sell, so the only alternative is to try to belittle an opponent's product.  How stupid can a person be?  They think the voters are fools like them?  

All things said, if I am a voter there, I will just tell them to knock their heads against the wall.  My mission is to kick BN out at all costs.   To hell with what you have to say about the opposition candidate.  I will still vote for PKR if they send in a chimpanzee that drinks and gets drunk.

Is the message clear!!??    

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bow said...

So having a mini bar at home demonstrated the owner is a 'drunk', and drinking alcohol beverage also is a 'drunk', all these nonsenses shown that these imbeciles can't talk and think intelligently except blah. blah. blah.... but it is election time, what can you expect coming out from their mouths, only nonsenses can be easily digested by their racist supporters, smart talk is too difficult for them to is not that hard to figure it out.....


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