Thursday, April 22, 2010

Those who never did anything wrong please stand up!!

The profile of Hafidz Baharom in the Malaysian Insider reads:

"Hafidz Baharom is a social observer who has rankled more than a few feathers. He has written for a number of publications, and is always looking to stir up discussions on things which need to be said."

And this is what he said:

  • "If anyone brands Zaid Ibrahim a wine drinker, and refuses to state that half of Parliament is filled with the same, they should just shut up and drive. Preferably off a cliff. Balik Pulau has some lovely cliffs if you need a recommendation."

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman never made it a secret that he was a drinker. In fact, he’s even recorded a tale that he went to shoot a tiger, but fell asleep before taking a shot because he was too drunk.

  • I guess we should hope that Datuk Zaid himself is magnanimous enough not to mention just who of his former colleagues were womanisers, alcoholics or gamblers, or even a combination of the two.Meanwhile, while all this mud slinging is going on, we have an electoral commission that somehow ‘forgot’ to mention to 13,000 voters that they have been re-located in terms of voting.

  •  And I think Malaysians in general would prefer a drinker, a womaniser, or a gambler who uses their own money in comparison to members of governance who would take our money, only to spend RM70 million of it promoting a concept of unity that nobody, even they themselves understands!
How about that?  Voters of Hulu Selangor, just put "X" as above picture this Sunday. 
Send a loud and clear message to the corrupt and racist regime.

1 comment:

bow said...

OMG, drinking wine or alcohol is not doing something wrong or committing an unforgivable evil act, why all these extremists fussing over it whole day long over a man who drink, don't they have anything better to talk about in "Bodohland" except nonsenses?? hahahaha..


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