Monday, April 26, 2010

"Personal" note from Saudara Anwar Ibrahim.

The "personal" note from Saudara Anwar Ibrahim just came through the email.  I suppose it is a computer generated "personal" note addressed to all Malaysian citizens sharing the same political sentiments.  If you have not receieved one, then you can read below:

Dear justin,

I thank the workers and volunteers from Pakatan Rakyat including our friends in DAP and PAS who supported our candidate in Hulu Selangor, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

Tens of thousands of Malaysians joined us to show the people of Hulu Selangor that Pakatan Rakyat is committed to a Malaysia where all of its citizens have the right to peace, justice, and prosperity. I am thankful for the tremendous support you have shown. Your commitment to change is commendable.

One setback shall not divert us from our goal. Any change worth making is hard and will be fought at every turn. While it doesn't take away the sting of this loss, there is no road to real change without setbacks along the way.

Over RM100 million was spent by BN to win a thin majority in Hulu Selangor: that amounts to RM65,000 per person. Dozens of ministers campaigned every day; the Election Commission appears guilty once again of violating its mandate to ensure fair elections; and the police intimidated our supporters and there are reports that they even prevented some voters from reaching the polling stations.

This means that Barisan Nasional has learned nothing since the March 2008 election. Character assassination, racism, bribery and brute force may help to win one or two by-elections. But the people of Malaysia will not be deceived.

Our country still faces the same challenges which cannot be resolved by dirty politics or a few catchy slogans. The economy is lagging, jobs are scarce and our education system remains mediocre at best. We must do more to address the plight of the poor and marginalised people throughout Malaysia. And we must bring credibility back to the Federal government as we have started to do in the Pakatan States.

We increased our popular support in Hulu Selangor. We know we have to do more to reach out to our supporters in the rural heartland, particularly the Felda settlements. I am committed to this challenge and my resolve is unwavering.

Let us look ahead to the next contest and work to bring change to Sarawak. Click here ( to make a contribution to the May 16th by-election and help us to support the DAP candidate in Sibu.

Thank you,



bow said...

The defeat in this by-election should served as a lesson for PR to work harder in serving the need of the people and advance the interests of all its supporters. Electorates are fed up with all the quarrels and petty bickering among PR partners and leaderships, it is either they begin to buck up in solving their differences amicably or lose more supports in next election. It is no time for them to remain complacent and place their own party's interests above the people and its supporters anymore. Either they deliver or there will be more defeats in the future.

Anonymous said...

Of course the ruling political party has the advantage of spending several hundred million of dollars in election campaign to get votes, it is part of a privilege one get as ruling party in Malaysia but ultimately it is up to the electorates to decide whether they want to vote a candidate that can afford to spend more money or a candidate can be trusted and honest. Saying that BN spend so much money as the sole reason its candidate got elected is just misleading, because it had been this way since independence in Malaysia political stage, if it is the truth, then PR will not be able to sweep four states majority in the last election, obviously, there are other reasons at play here that resulted in the defeat of PR candidate in this by -election instead of just those million of dollars decide the outcome of the election.

bow said...

Before any blame game begin, PR need to set aside their differences and extremist views from the coalition leadership. Malaysian voters are not interested in extremism and racism play out by politicians from PR, It is the moderation and big promises to serve the people and supporters wholeheartedly that propel PR into a significant win in the last election that captured four states governance mandate. Unless PR leaders begin to deliver their campaign promises and lead their states into a right direction to prosper the people, nothing in the world will prevent them from facing continue defeat
in any election ahead. Just remember to talk less but work more, as action speak louder than just words.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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