Friday, April 9, 2010

Who is this Abdul Kudus Omar?

(Picture from The Malaysian Insider)

Pakcik Abdul Kudus Omar is now 70 years old.  I only "knew" him a few minutes ago.  

This was what he said, " this man will be the prime minister of Malaysia one day.”

Who is this man?  Anwar Ibrahim!


PM said...

Thats why they have to get rid of Anwar. You may never know what Anwar will do to umno clowns.

bow said...

Anwar is still regarded as a threat to the survival of 'mamak' inside Umno. But once they get rid of Anwar, then get rid of PR's popularity too, one stone kill three birds at the same time, where can you find such a brilliant political move in any country, but only in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

He is just an old dude from some 'kampung'(village), talk nonsense again. Same old story telling ....typical Malay style.

bow said...

In Malaysia political system, a prime minister is not elected directly from the people votes, he /she is selected by the biggest winning ruling political party delegates instead of Malaysian voters, usually the president of the biggest ruling political party is the prime minster of Malaysia judging from the past, it is how PM in this country is chosen, not base on just an old man thought. Even if Anwar is a very popular politician and gather the highest votes among voters, he is not destined to be PM if his political party is not the biggest winner in an election, he can only be a parliamentarian.


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