Saturday, April 17, 2010

The submarine resurfaces

Do you remember the submarine that refused to dive?  Click HERE

Now we know the reason why it wanted to stay afloat for the whole world to see, and put shame on those who have skeletons in the closet. 

If you are curious and want to know what I'm talking about , click HERE:


A true Malaysia said...

Previously this submarine cannot dive. Now, it refuses to sink. Because the GHOST wants it to remain at surface?

This submarine will definitely sink for good one day, as well as those involved. They will sink for good or 'buried for good'?

bow said...

For some idiotic Malaysians, spending several billions in a French submarine is not a waste of money but money well spent, after all, ruling elites consider billion of dollars in defense spending is anything but 'waste'. For many hardworking Malaysians, their tax dollars are put into 'good' use in protecting our long stretch of coastline against our enemy. That is the argument go as far as submarine deal go, no one want to believe it is an expensive deal since we all are so rich and bless with plenty of natural resources according to the 'Bodohland' herald.

Anonymous said...

The defense department prefer a submarine that can sail on the surface and remain visible at all time to the people. So Malaysia can portray its rising sea power to the rest of the world, French's submarine meet that requirement without any challenge. hahaha...


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