Friday, April 23, 2010

The Malaysian Civil Servants

We all know the minute we step inside a government department, we feel like entering another world. 

I was reminded recently when I went to the registration department to change address, getting ready to vote in my new area, to kick the corrupt regime into hellfire.  This new place needs me more than my present constituent. 

This came through email.  Food for thought:

1. Number of civil servants in Malaysia


2010-? (Should be more)

During 2000 to 2008, increase of 300,000 or each year 38,151 or each day 104.

2. Money spent on salary / remuneration
2008-RM41.0Billion (or from each tax payer RM22,800)
An increase of a whopping 60% during 3 years only. If it is private company, sure "bungkus"!

3. Population that pays tax 1.8M
Number of civil servants 1.2M
Meaning every 1.5 tax payer support 1 civil servant.

4. Population Vs number of civil servant. (I believe should be one of the highest in the world)

Malaysia 4.68%
Thailand 2.06%
Korea 1.86 %
Philippine1.81 %
Indonesia 1.79 %
Laos 1.24 %
Cambodia 1.18 %


bow said...

There is a reason this ruling elite want to have the biggest public service employee pool in the country, these government employees can be used as supporters during election period and potential votes for the BN candidate. It is imperative umno BN keep as many of them employed as public servant as possible, it is the 'boleh' way. Expensive but practical ....with tax payers money.

Justin Choo said...


You are right.

bow said...

Justin, you need to provide detail information about the annual total cost spend on public servant compensation and salary in proportion to our GDP for the past few years , and also those of our neighbor like ASEAN, it will be interesting to see how much we spend on public employees and how much waste we manage to win over our neighbors. lol!

Anonymous said...

Keeping a big pool of government employees is mainly a political consideration, it is a practice since independence, those employees constitute a major number of votes that can break or made a government in power. The ruling elite is aware of the usefulness of having large pool of public employees in their payroll and will continue to spend our tax dollars on hiring more in the future, you can bet on that. Just like Bow said, they are costly to our nation treasury, but is necessary to stay in power in every election.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget government officers also have to pay TAX.

Cannot run away somemore unlike those businessmen.


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