Monday, April 5, 2010

Naughty Pictures Part 2 of 2.

This is as promised.  Part 2 of naughty pictures.
A word of caution : WARNING
The pictures that you are about to see may cause permanent brain damage, or the very least may lead to acute psychological  trauma.

Only the following groups of persons/animals are immune to brain damage, and may view the pictures without any adverse effect:

1. Corrupt Members of Parliament, frogs and toads, and kangaroos with big pouch for keeping dirty cash.

2. Members of corrupt political parties, boot lickers, and running dogs.

3. And "siapa itu" and "apa nama," old goats and old foxes.

And for the rest of you, last call and last chance to leave this page NOW.


bow said...

All these pictures are funny, except the last one with a clown instead of a boy; it is such an eyesore to the rest of Black & White blog. who is that clown by the way, he looks retarded and stupid....

PM said...

""he looks retarded and stupid"" reason his brain has got to his arse

bow said...

Hi, PM, i am sorry to let you know, he doesn't had a brain in his rather big head except an as* suitable for back entry. .... no intelligent man will wage dagger and talk at the same time, it is the symbol of a 'moron' without a brain.....hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Uncivilized man behave in this way. Look at his funny hat and demeanor, welcome to Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Boy is always a boy, he likes to behave in a mischievous way, parent keep an eye on your boys so they don't grow up behaving badly and public display of stupidity!!


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