Thursday, October 14, 2010

Betty Chinn : Compassion without question.

Betty Kwan Chinn of Eureka, California receives the 2010 Citizens Medal, the nation's second-highest civilian honor, from U.S. President Barack Obama in the East Room of the White House August 4, 2010 in Washington, DC. Chinn, an immigrant from China aids those without shelter also providing meals twice a day.

Betty Chinn, was also one of the Winners of the 2008 Minerva Awards

Every morning for the past 23 years, Betty Chinn has loaded up her truck and headed out to feed the least fortunate residents of Eureka, California. But Betty delivers more than just food and hot coffee. She also serves up kindness.

Born in China, Betty was separated from her family at age 7 during Mao Zedong's brutal Cultural Revolution. Tormented by hunger and lack of social contact, Betty went mute. After four terrifying years, Betty escaped from China by walking 1,600 miles to Hong Kong. Though she had just $20 in her hand, Betty later made her way to America and found her voice again.

Betty has never forgotten what it felt like to have nothing and no one, and she continues to help her neighbors, one person at a time. "They are all my friends; they are all my family," she says.

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bow said...

She is one of a very few kind women in America. That is no question about that. It is difficult to find American that is compassionate to those down trodden individual anymore after the failure of U.S government to eliminate poverty among Americans except to create more inequality among the rich and poor with inequality policy.

Anonymous said...

Compassionate out pour by a Chinese immigrant to those down trodden American is just one of the many best examples many immigrants had brought to Untied States of America, without the immigrants, USA can't become a nation of compassion except a superpower with greed and filth. There are many immigrants that resemble Betty Chin working tirelessly daily and quietly without much publicity and far from being recognized by the government, at least she is one of the very fortunate one that receive this award from the white house and recognized by the president.

Anonymous said...

Compassion without question. This applies to Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation as well.

Such recognition is far far more meaningful that Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Datuk ...... I can't see Betty Chinn in them.

Li Li said...

Anonymous said ....
"Compassion without questions".

I am full of praise for all the good deeds that Tzu Chi has done for the past years. Common people like me, saw the good results and we are grateful.

On the other hand, Compassion has to be followed by questions. How did the poor ended up being the terrible state there are in ? Sometimes, it is the uncontrolled borrowing of money, habitual gambling, drinking, drugs etc....

Malaysian has a bad habit as "grabbers". Anything free, we tend to grab only. And most poor here are also lazy bums.

The only way out of poverty is to have a good education, work smart and have a good religion teaching.

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

There are many reasons for what is happening to people. But I think it is not the most important question. The most important thing is we must have people like you, always helping others. Forget about religion or whatever. If all people have the human decency to live a HARMLESS life, then the world will be at peace. But no; not everyone is like that. So we all suffer one time or another.

Anonymous said...

It is never easy to do charity if you place some 'expectations' in return, then it is not 'Compassion without question'.

For Tzu Chi, purifying people's hearts through charity is their main theme. With purer hearts, bad habits and ugly side of human being will be neutralised over time.

Li Li said...

Hello Anonymous,

"With purer hearts, bad habits and ugly side of human being will be neutralised over time."

I think you have misunderstood my point.

There are many many caring people in Malaysia. Every donor, I believe are compassionate & do not like to see sufferings right in front of their eyes. That is why, small problems mislead into syndicates such as syndicate beggars around KL.

If a woman has a family problem and cannot feed her children, people would like to donate to make sure the children are fed proper meals and could get a proper education so that in the future, these children can get a proper job to feed themselves. If the kids are not good in maths or science or english; we hope there are volunteers who are willing to teach them.

For me; I am trying to say ; do not give money or drop your small change to the child beggars on the streets. If no one gives, then there will be less of these child beggars cases.

But let it be known to the troubled mothers that if they come to church or go to a Buddhist temple or Hindu temple or certain charitable organization, at least they could be proper meals and correct help.

We should teach people to fish and not to give fish all the time.

Anonymous said...

You read one part, but missed the other part. Read this again,

For Tzu Chi, purifying people's hearts through charity is their main theme.

Anonymous said...

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