Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Ku Li or not to Ku Li?

Ku Li has shown in his speeches that he is not very comfortable with present UMNO directions.  If Ku Li is just an ordinary UMNO members, he would have been in hot soup long time ago.  But Ku Li is no ordinary UMNO member.  So he is not going to be in hot soup. 

Now UMNO is thinking of coming up with a delicious bowl of soup by calling on Ku Li to head the election campaign in Galas.  By the way, Galas is within the parliamentary constituency of Gua Musang, the citadel of Ku Li.

So to Ku Li or not to Ku Li?  This is an interesting question.  Let's wait and see; when events unfold.


bow said...

i am in favor of a younger candidate, ku li is too old to get my vote, he may be an experienced politician and royal family member, but i can find other more suitable candidate other than him; let alone some one from Umno is not my choice either.

Anonymous said...

Whoever, Ku Li or not Ku Li, they sure 'kaput'.

bow said...

Umnoputra and its partners are good at paying lip services, but their nation building policy is another story, most of the time, the deed is different from word. Ku Li or no Ku Li, we are destined to doom under the present leadership of umnoputra and its "Monkey Can Act" and " Monkey In Cage" partners.


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