Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stop these horrendous bus accidents!!!

I have written about the horror of bus accidents.  Here I am not going to write anything new, for the root cause of all these still remains the same.  Unless we get rid of this root cause, many will still have to die from this senseless attitude.  Now we have added 12 more innocent lives in the Simpang Ampat accident.  I am really sick of this "cancer disease".  

The latest was the arrest of two express bus drivers high on drugs.  And they were caught while driving buses filled with passengers!!  "Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the drivers were detained during a state-wide operation conducted by the narcotics department here Wednesday."   We must thank the authorities this time for their prompt action.  If not for this action,  who knows what will happen!!  The Police and the Transport Department must maintain this vigiliance  and ensure there is 100 enforcement at all times.  They should remember, even their loved ones may be in danger with these monsters driving around.  

I don't have to repeat here what I wrote about these horrendous accidents.  You can just CLICK HERE to go to the article. 


Li Li said...

Malaysia should make it an offense for bus companies that employs drugs addicts or drunks as bus drivers.

Jail the bus owners for failure to ensure safety for their passengers !

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

No matter what laws the present government enacts, they are not going to work. There simply is no enforcement. This is the sick and corrupt culture of the present Malaysian Government.

We must change the present regime at all cost. Never mind of the ability and integrity of the alternative government. We must take this calculated risk, which to me is no risk at all. It cannot be any worse than the present regime.

bus accidents said...

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