Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malaysia Bo Liau


 (Tan Zhongshan)

(Picture from Staronline)

The Star reports:

A 23-year-old Malaysian has emerged as the top student in his final-year law examinations at Cambridge University.

Tan Zhongshan (pic) obtained a first-class honours in the Bachelor of Arts (Law) in June this year at Queens’ College, which is part of the university, one of England’s oldest and most prestigious.

“I will also join the Singapore Legal Service in January,” said Tan, who was awarded an Asean scholarship by Singapore’s Ministry of Education after completing his A-Levels at the Temasek Junior College there.
Well, well.  What does this say about brain drain.  The latest report states  that close to 800,000 brilliant brains from Malaysia are out there working and contributing to the advancement and well-being of other countries.  At the Singapore Mount  Elizabeth Hospital, more than half the doctors are from Malaysia.
I am crying my heart out.  Beating my chest like a Gorilla not for any victory but for the utter frustration.  But the power that is, is not worried about this dilemma.  They view it as if nothing has happened to the country.  Talk about wooing back the brains.  They are not taking any positive step to prevent brain drain.  Still wanting to woo back what is lost?   Only talk cockeral, bloody hypocrites. 
Malaysia is bleeding, Malaysia Bo Liau.  The last two words in Hokkien may mean "no more" or "no standard" depending on your intonation.  Either way it's a losing game.


stephen said...

If you were in his position, what would you do? If he stays on, he would probably get nowhere,he won't be paid for what he is worth and he'd probably be working under someone less qualified than him.On top of that,he will always citizen second class aka pendatang.And his children will be told that by their principal in school.

A true Malaysian said...

Another Lee Kuan Yew and Kwa Geok Choo in the making.

But, who got it? Singapore.

Malaysia Boh Liau (i.e. no more)

Malaysia Boh Liao (i.e. no substance)

Justin Choo said...


If he stayed here, he would not be given the opportunity to be what he is today. Maybe he would end up as an office boy in a lawyer's office!!!

Malaysia Bo Liau.

Justin Choo said...


Malaysia digging its own grave to mediocrity. Talk about 100 storey building.

Malaysia Bo Liau

bow said...

'Meritocracy'!! What is that?? UMNOputra will raise 'hell' inside Malaysia if it is the official policy for government of the day. You know that is not going to happen during your life time in the past fifty years, it also will not happen in the next fifty years too. 'Mediocrity' is the way to go since independence, it is an official policy for Malaysian. Sigh!!

Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

You are correct. If he stays here, he will be side lined and ridiculed. Most likely ended up depressed.

I am happy that Malaysian bright students have lots of opportunities out there.....

Then, they will come back as tourists to enjoy the sunshine Malaysian weather and good food once in a while.

There is nothing to grumble about, "the cheese have moved".

bow said...

Justin, you know those umnoputra hooligans will probably consider him as a 'Pendatang' from 'Cina' since he is not the same race like them. Brain drain or not means nothing to those regressive and bigoted mind among ruling elites. It is business as usual.

bow said...
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