Sunday, October 24, 2010

Excellent and immediate action : Bomba Bukit Mertajam

I would be the last person to call for help from the civil servants.  But when you saw a snake slithering into your back store-room a few hours ago, what could you do?  It is now 11.03 pm, Sunday.  And now I am able to relax.  My sincere appreciation to Bomba Bukit Mertajam, especially to the two very professional and responsible officers who came to my rescue.

When my wife turned pale and told me she saw a snake slithering into my back store-room, I nearly fainted.  I am usually a "handy-manny" a DIY person and am able to fix a thousand and one things.  But snake!! No way.  I had not much of a choice.  Looked up a sticker which I pasted since moving into this house.  It gave a list of emergency numbers.  I called the Bomba Bukit Mertajam.  What a relief when they told my wife that they would come immediately.  And they kept their words.  About 45 minutes later, two officers arrived. 

They were really very responsible.  You can just imagine what a storeroom  is like.  Although small, but cluttered with all the "rubbish".  They could have easily told me that they did not see anything and went back.  That was my greatest fear.  But no, they painstakingly removed the junk, and searched  for the culprit.  Just imagine a cubicle with no window.  They were just sweating away but kept on with their job.  They finally found it....A Cobra!!

Job well done.  My greatest appreciation for their excellent service.  This is the second time in my life that I recieve excellent service from a Government department.  What about that  first time?  It will be another story.

To the two Bomba officers who came immediately to my rescue, my wife and I thank you with all our hearts for the job well done.  You may have saved our lives!

The quotation below is taken from the Bomba website:

When you mix training and dedication, you’re called a professional;

When you mix compassion and caring, you’re called a friend;

When you mix bravery and selflessness, you’re called a Hero;

When you mix all three, you’re called a Firefighter.


Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

Wow, a cobra in your house !

Luckily, you did not attempt to wrestle the snake yourself & then makes snake soup for supper.... :-)

I totally agree we must get the help of BOMBA to handle snakes issues. A snake bite might be life threatening.

A big THANK YOU to Bomba Bukit Mertajam !

A true Malaysian said...

Haha!!! Justin. The cobra likes your house. It feels safe there. Normally, animal will find refuge at a place that it feels safe. You should be proud of your house had been chosen.

Anyway, think about it, too much development by human being has deprived other living being a place of living for them. Sad!!!

Well, I hope the professionalism of Bomba Bukit Mertajam did not stop after capturing the cobra, but gave it to a zoo or released it to nature far from residential area. I hope they don't kill it.

Clear, dry and light your store before another one comes in, hehe!!!

Justin Choo said...


Snakes and lizards coming to my house won't be safe or saved. Mosquitoes too are not saved!!

I just have a compassionate wish that they don't come to my house.

Very dificult to be a good buddhist, at times.

bow said...

Due to badly planned development project and unrestricted private sectors exploitation of land and forest, the wild life are facing unprecedented threat to their natural habitat, many like bear, snake, boar, etc..are creeping into residential neighborhood for survival or in search of food. You are fortunate there is only one cobra instead of dozen, may be next time you will have more coming to your house to seek refuge from the immediate threat developers brought upon those snakes around your area. Justin!! It is appalling to know what some men can do to out natural environment and how much damages they had caused to these wild life habitats nowadays.


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