Sunday, October 31, 2010

What the hell is going on : Another fatal bus crash!!

( Fatal accident: The damaged bus after it was put upright, following the deadly accident along Jalan Genting Sempah Friday night. — AZMAN GHANI / The Star)

Karak bus crash: Blacklisted driver had no licence for past 13 years, reports The Star Online. To add salt to injury, he had held only a learner licence in 1997, and after that he was blacklisted.

Another seven innocent lives lost just like that!  Can we ever trust those responsible for checking and enforcing traffic safety?  No.  Never will they change unless we change the present regime and hope that the new one may do a better job.  Why this sort of mediocrity and irresponsibilty do not happen in Singapore? 

I have resolved that I shall never take a bus for long distance travel.  You simply cannot trust anyone involved in the long haul bus service.    

It will just be a repeat if I were to write more.  You may read my earlier postings on the previous bus accidents HERE, and HERE.

(Postscript: You can also read comments in this USJ FORUM)


Nick Phillips said...

That's what you get when you have a country run by people with their own interest at heart!

bow said...

It had became business as usual to hire unqualified driver to drive long haul bus. Unfortunately for you, the standard of road safety is being lower to satisfy GLC demand. A lower qualification for driver also means the company can pay lowest wages to the employee, whehter he is up to the job is another matter, don't get too excited to see deadly accident involving bus on highway nowadays. It is just part of the consequences on mediocrity culture practiced in Malaysia.


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