Saturday, October 24, 2009

Easy money on easy targets!

I only have one credit card. My wife has a supplementary one. That's all.

RM50 service tax for a credit card! RM25 for a supplementary card.

Reason? To deter people holding too many cards. This way they will spend less. What a stupid spin! You mean to say I can't spend more with one card? For no apparent reason, I have to fork out RM75 to feed these idiots; and I am a retired senior citizen (with no pension, by the way).

Down with you despicable people. I will send all of you to Timbuktu, come the next GE!

Another spin, another easy money spinner on easy targets.

Read this too: CLICK HERE:

Like my granddaughter said, "I'm very very angry!"

How about Service Tax RM100 for each mobile phone? That'll be great!!

May they rot in hell!!!


giko said...

Yes, to HELL with BN come GE13!

The proposal can still be defeated or amended in Parliament so that the first card plus sub card be free of tax and only the second card onwards be levied by lobbying our MP's.

Please don't give Najib the idea to tax RM100 handphones... he just might do it!


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

" rm 50 per card is no big deal"
Okay, which of you idiot who voted for the bn? your vote is of no fcuking big deal to bn.
I rather vote Pakatan ...hell i will even vote for Pas.
Banning beer is no big deal.
Will get my Iban friends to brew tuak.


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