Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little is very big.

Sometimes a little can be very big. The little bit can make a big difference. Take the recent Bagan Pinang by-election results. This is what Uncle Lim has to say as reported in MalaysianInsider:

"Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) loss in the Bagan Pinang by-election was a rude wake-up call for the coalition, indicating that it could not be overconfident of its popularity among Malaysians, said the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang. "

There have been many "expert" opinions on the embarrassing defeat of PR, especially for PAS. Let me add to this "expert" opinion. Don't ever look down or disregard the little ones, those minority voters. They may make the big difference. They will make or break you.

From my own thinking, if voters had a proper education and had a sense of moral and ethical principle, the opposition's job will be made easier. But lacking these attributes, PR has to do a lot of real PR, that is Public Relations to "educate" the voters and to "sell" their product with proper marketing strategies.

Don't get what I mean? Never mind; it's meant to be. Read between the lines and think.


A true Malaysian said...

You summed up what I commented so lengthy in good doctor's blog. Short, precise.

PM said...

What is the point of having a sense of moral and ethical principle when the elected cannot deliver the goods.

If the immoral can deliver the goods to the satisfaction of the voters, isn't this honourable to the voters family. The voter has made the correct choice and the family enjoys the goods.

Livelihood and survival to feed the poor and hungry knows no moral and ethical values.

A true Malaysian said...


May I ask, how long you can feed them this way? Forever?

These voters are the happiest people on earth if you are Malaysia PM.

PM said...

true malaysian

What choice have they got when they are poor and hungry. Getting 300 dollars was like pay day to last them a whole month.

There is poverty there. I would suggest you make a visit to ladang Atherton,Bradwal and Sua Betong.

A true Malaysian said...


I know what you meant. You can read in the good doctor's blog. People like these are their weapons when come to elections. Forever poor, forever in power. Remember, they are master strategists.

Justin Choo said...

PM & Atm,

That's why I said a relevent education is needed to assist the poor to think outside the box.

PM said...


By the time you educate they would have died of hunger.

I know these areas well and often passby to visit relatives in PD.

Justin Choo said...


Educate the young.

You, Atm, and I did not die, and were able to have a decent education.

A true Malaysian said...

That's the reason why they never intent to care about Tamil schools. To keep Tamils below poverty line. Hindraf, in all intent, should do their utmost in educating Tamils. If not, better close abolish Tamil Schools and go for Chinese or National schools.

We can't feed them forever. Teach them how to fish.


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