Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where are all my regulars?

This post has no picture.

I am just wondering whether my regulars are still with me? Atm, Lilly, Grace, Bow amongst others. What puzzles me is that my "site meter" shows an increase in visitors.

Any comment this time?


PM said...

Got drunk on deepavali eve and lost their way. Blame the Toddy.. For the ladies with a packet of muruku, a tin of milo, saree with 300RM in it are busy patching up themselves to look good for the festival tomorrow.

romerz said...

Still here Justin. In fact may call you soon for your help.

The "Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia" initiative will be holding a roadshow on 15 Nov at Hu Yew Seah in Penang after their successful launch in KL recently.

Anyway once confirmed, I will be looking for as much help as possible to help publicize this event amongst young Penangites.

I hope it will interest you.

romerz said...

By the way, the same goes for my blog as well. Since MT carried a few of my articles, the hits have gone up tremendously but simultaneously the comments have correspondingly dropped as well.

Anyway, life is never static which makes it all the more interesting, doesn't it? I take it positively.

A true Malaysian said...

I am back. Take a short break lah. I sick of virtual world sometime. Take a "brake" is good, sometime. Hahaha

Justin Choo said...


Are you sure you're taking a break? Saw you at Dr's place.


Li Li said...

Hi Justin,

I am still here. A bit busy during October time every year. No internet while travelling.

Just went to San Ya in China two weeks, it is like a paradise. There was a passing typhon Pharma there. Only strong wind and rain at night. Nothing serious.

I enjoy browsing yr postings but nothing "intelligent" to add on. Ha ha ha.

I am travelling again tonight and will be back on Sunday. Very tiring and bone aching for me.

Take care everyone.

Li Li

A true Malaysian said...


Are you sure that's me? Anyone can be "A true Malaysian". You are one of them, hahahaha.

Justin Choo said...


How very lucky you.


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