Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Salute You, New China!

Today (1 October 2009) is the 60th Anniversary of the founding of New China.

(50th Anniversary National Flag Raising Parade)

("March Of The Volunteers")

(Flag-raising ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olimpic Games)

The National Anthem of China : March of the Volunteers


romerz said...

Sorry to say this Justin but Mao was a monster. I was shocked when you made Mao "praising" comments!

The actual situation is very complex but I believe Deng was the one who started the ball rolling. How much to attribute to him I do not know but it wasn't Mao, your hero by any means.

Mao should be classified together with Dr M. An enigma, both a creator and a destroyer!

Sorry again Justin.

Justin Choo said...


You don't have to say "sorry". You are entitled to express your own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Justin, Mao is a charismatic man, he manage to railroad many Chinese after the people revolution overthrown Taiwanese government in China, stole all the landowners properties and put his communist party in charged of all the stolen wealth, in term of performance, he is as good as our Dr.M, both men are genius in plundering and stealing the nation wealth and people money.

bow said...

If this big communist bandit successfully expand its territorial borders after recent years of military modernization and upgrade, then i am sure everyone of us in Malaysia will have no choice but to salute the red flag if bolehland become a part of red provinces. haha...


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