Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeling guilty? Then confess!

Honestly, I never respected this person because he was a "career spinner". During those years his spinning antics were so glaring, especially on national tv.

Now in his twilight years he is brave enough to share the story of his "achievements" with us.

You can read a write-up in The Sunday Star HERE:

I have nothing much to say, except some people have the conscience and wisedom to feel remorse for whatever they had done which should not have been done in the eyes of the almighty who they believe in.

However, I just can't resist quoting the following statements:

“What I can’t forget is the way Dr Mahathir dropped me without any hati budi (grace and gratitude),” he writes in the chapter entitled Habis Madu Sepah Dibuang (When the Sweetness is Finished, the Tasteless Part is Thrown Away).

Since then, he has become more critical of his former political master. For instance: “We know that Dr Mahathir blamed Pak Lah in all aspects even though the initial problems were caused by he himself. This is the ‘expertise’ of Dr Mahathir,” writes Tok Mat sardonically.

However, he adds that money politics really became a “cancer” within Umno during Dr Mahathir’s era.

“In the old days, the corruption was smaller. If an Umno branch leader did not get a taxi permit, he would dissolve his branch. Now many Umno leaders are busy looking for big projects. That’s the success of the NEP (New Economic Policy),” he laughs.

More seriously, his book concludes, “Umno has jeopardised its image with power grabbing, money politics, bribery and excessive racism by certain leaders.... Umno must reform or I fear the End of the Dream (for the party) will really happen.”

Have peace, Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

My guess is that he confesses now after so many years knowing that diabetes and cancer will drags him into the grave.
He dont have to confess , we knew it all along. I wont pity him.

A true Malaysian said...


I thank you for highlighting this story here since I seldom buy MSM and seldom read their website news as well, for reason we know best.

I can feel Tok Mat is feeling guilty for what he did, but I am not quite sure he repented. He will confess once he repented, and if he do this, he is sure to feel better.

This is part of human weakness, do things according to one's ego instead of one's conscience. I think, we need to learn to repent, feel guilty is still not enough.


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