Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Believe it or not?

Believe it or not?  PM Najib's ratings breach 70%?  Honestly I didn't bother to read the content of the report, because it would be a sheer waste of my valuable time. If you want to waste your time reading it, click HERE.

Why all these "periodic" announcement of his rising ratings?  Who cares?  Sounds like we are in North Korea!!

Since he is so popular, then call for a General Election now.

Fools may be born every minute, but each second has made them wiser to see the truth.

(An update:  Again, my blogger friend has done one up on me.  Please read his analysis HERE:)


bow said...

May be the people like his policy and job performance so far, so they give him a positive rating and approval, it is different from being popular. Or the main stream media trying to give us a hype for the coming by election, the newspaper rating system is always skew in a certain direction for political reason here.

Meng said...

Preparation for the next GE..just that.

Meng said...

No matter what rating they give to Najib it will not work.

The chinese are able to see for themselves the damage on the ground. In Guang Ming Daily, the chinese are called traitors. Another good move to push the chinese further away from BN/umno.

This year U intake will be another hot topic.


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