Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little sunbird at the window

Fascinating to see a little sunbird relaxing on the window bar of my kitchen.  I could see it close-up  because of my tinted window pane.  Obviously it could not see me.  The photos were taken with a low-range Minolta digital camera given to me by my sister.  Not bad with a bit of photo editing. 

As I wrote before, I used to take pictures as a hobby, with my Nikon and an array of expensive Nikor lenses.  I still have the lenses but no latest digital Nikon camera to match.  The photos will be brilliant if taken with my close-up lens.

The photo above showed it standing on one leg.  To prove that it is not a one-legged bird, take a look at the photo below.

The sunbird is a very small common garden bird striving on the nectar of small flowers.  Quite often it would visit me to keep me company while I washed the dishes.  My kitchen sinks are in front of the windows.  It gives me a sense of peace with nature whenever it comes visiting

The picture below is from the internet.

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