Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Malaysia Boleh Kah?

Many weeks ago, I went to one post office at Carrefour in Seberang Jaya hoping to register my change of address for the voter registration.  But was told there was no more form.  I waited a few weeks, and called them yesterday and again was told that they still did not receive the forms yet.  

Wary of this waiting, I went to another post office and managed to get it done.  

From this episode, I encountered several issues:
  • Why is this delay in sending forms?
  • Why this simple registration which is done on-line, will take 3 months to take effect?
  • The man from the first post office said that the voter must come  personally to have his thumb print verifed.  The one I just went to, just required my signature.   
Taking 3 months to perform this simple task?  And its computerized on-line!!

Hey, something is very wrong here.  If I were just to record this change manually, it would only take me 3 minutes!

I think the "1 Malaysia" government should send our civil servants to Zimbabwe to learn from them.  Maybe after that Malaysia can be number one just like Zimbabwe, if we count backwards alphabetically.  

Malaysia Boleh Kah?? 


bow said...

There is no incentive for government institution to make the process easy, pro-long the completion time on a simple task enable more works for the public employees and keep them in the public payroll at our taxpayer expense, instead of taking efficiency into account like the competitive private sector. Since government is the sole monopoly on this market, it is not necessary to appease you in carry out your business of changing address, you still need to seek their helps as the Post office is the only service provider. Welcome to Bolehland! Selamat Datang!! haha..

Anonymous said...

Why should ruling elite make it easy for you to change your address, you are just an ordinary Malaysian. Give you more hard time, you also will continue to vote for UMNO -BN when election is on; it make no different as long as the vote is concerned. Unless you demand changes from your vote, then nothing will change for the better.


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