Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old man's reminiscence

I now belong to the senile senior citizen league.  If you notice that this blog has no new posting for seven days running, then something must have happened to the owner.  It has never happened so far.  Right now I don't feel like writing anything in my blog.  I am trying to build up my other sites.  So this blog may be a bit slow and boring.  To add to the boredom, you can take a look below, at the faded, sepia-like, black and white photo taken many many years ago. 

Who do you think he is??


romerz said...

I know the feeling about writing. In my case it's usually distractions and laziness.

Thank goodness for the World Cup which gives me a reason to be away from my blog, for a month at least!

A true Malaysian said...

Little Justin lah, who else? Handsome cute boy.

Not only you Justin. It is hard to keep the momentum in commenting as well for me. Just feel like going nowhere, commenting & commenting.

What matter most is the votes in our hand.

Meng said...

Old and wiser..

Meng said...

Perhaps you are having too many blog...committment forced upon onself.

Justin Choo said...


I don't believe it was me in that photo. If it was, how come I cannot remember that photoshot. I never remember that I looked like that. So logically, it cannot be me.

Justin Choo said...


The best thing to me is the internet with blogging, publishing web site, answering questions, and writing articles in "Hubpages."

I would have been a boring old man with "talents" unfulfilled. The whole world would have missed all my thoughts and knowledge. It certainly makes me feel GREAT.


You know, over the last few years, I have directly communicated with thousands of people all over the world. And what about those thousands who came to read my articles?
It makes me feel a sense of inner fulfilment and self contentment that I am able to actualize my dream of people benefitting from my answers and articles.

And of course making virtual friends as well.


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