Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lim Guan Eng sends me his report card

(Photo from The Star Online)

No kidding, Lim Guan Eng hand delivers his report card to me today.  Of course he has more important missions to complete; so he actually gets some flyer delivery company to do the job. 

His report is in 4 languages, with an accompanying letter.  I tried to search for a copy in the internet but could only end up in The Star report.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that 500,000 pamphlets had been printed in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil using RM51,550 of state funds.  Now this is transparency for a starter.  This works out to be only 10.31 sen per copy, considering full-colour and good quality paper!!  What if the previous boot-licking state government were to print this???  Maybe RM10.31 per copy, if they typed the decimal point correctly!!

I like the parting quotation in the covering letter :

" Blessed are the people's voices; for when we are free, Malaysia shall be safe!  Free at last, free at last!"

Good on you Lim Guan Eng!  And thank you for doing an excellent job!!  5 Stars!!  *****



bow said...

A bit more than ten cents for the cost of a state flier to inform the people of Penang on the state government policy is not a very expensive expenditure. It is quite an effective way and low cost method to keep Penangites inform of various state government activity and policy matters. It is alright if the state is having a surplus account to spend this sum of money to promote state government to the public.

Justin Choo said...


And it makes me feel good too!


bow said...

Justin, i'm wondering why our chief minister mr.LGE doesn't want to have his message and state government policy printed in a single flier contain four languages, instead of using four fliers for four languages. In this way, it can further lower the cost of paper and printing to less than ten cents a piece. The printing contractor may not like the idea all languages are in the same page, i assume.

Justin Choo said...

There isn't any blank space in the pamphlet. There is no difference if you print the 4 languages in one pamphlet, which will be 4 times longer.


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