Sunday, June 27, 2010

It takes all kinds

I was at Tesco Extra, Seberang Prai.  Guess what I saw?  This elderly lady was squatting down in front of stacks of eggs, you know those in trays of 30s?  Beside this lady was I supposed her grown-up son.  You know what they were doing?  I can't believe my eyes.  They opened up the clear plastic covers of the trays and were chosing the "bigger" eggs to be placed in the tray of their choice. 

What naive, selfish and most inconsiderate humans I've ever seen.  They were so engrossed in their mission that they were not feeling embarrassed by this silly public display of indiscretion.  They were totally oblivious of people staring at them in disbelieve!!  Well, I supposed they had such lowly mentality, if at all they had any, to feel ashamed of their act.  

By the way, the eggs were all machine-sort and I don't think they could even get a gramme more out of their silly exercise.

What a shame!!

Well I suppose everything is possible in Boleh Land.

It takes all kinds.........


bow said...

Some shoppers are just way out of line, they just want to have the biggest eggs in their carton of egg by acting this way in the public, may be they have very thick skin on them and do not feel embarrassment at all, lack of social awareness and ethical conduct during their grown up year blinded their sense of proper conduct in the public, it is such a shameful conduct and only those with lowly mentality will do such thing in the public. I personally had witnessed such a 'disgraceful' act before too in grocery store. hahaha...

Yap said...

Try econsave, ppl eating ice cream and throwing away the wrapping in the market children and adults.


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