Thursday, June 24, 2010

You are non-Muslim, therefore you gamble.

These two stooges are spewing utter rubbish!  They are treating us like nincompoops!  I am tempted to use the 4-lettered word on them.  However, our blogger friend HERE is more civil and diplomatic.  He used the most appropriate civil term, which I just looked up the dictionary :  "artful sophistry."
"Sophistry" means "a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning."

For simple folk like me, I just use BULLSHIT!!

What am I babbling about?  Well, you see, two "senior" incumbent Ministers trying to sell fridges to the eskimoes!  According to them, if  you  are non-Muslim then you gamble.  At least this is what I am given to understand.  Maybe you can interprete better by going to the links:

What would they do next?  Sell air-cons to the Eskimoes!!

Aiyooooh !!


Anonymous said...

You can see how powerful Vincent Tan is. Vincent Tan is like water supply to them. How can their taps run dry, you tell me.

stephen said...

Justin, after reading both articles twice over, I don't see it meaning that all non muslims gamble.In fact, i think what has been written goes towards protecting the rights of non-muslims albeit gambling. Maybe what has been written could be misconstrued as such , but I think the spirit of the statements do not point in that direction.Just my take.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Stephen,

I'm not sure whether you know the reason that these people made the statement?

They are trying to give lame reason in order to support their hidden agenda to legalise gambling.

bow said...

It is a common knowledge gambler go to casino to gamble, not worship God. Whether you are a religious or non religious person, you will hook on gambling once you begin the first game in your life, but to an imbecile minister, he will think gambling is religion forbidden act where doing so will prevent you from going to paradise. You just can't expect certain religion follower to speak intelligently except take a hint and laugh your self off the floor, to expect otherwise is just a wishful thinking in Malaysia especially to one who is exposed to long period of regressive indoctrination. lol!!

Anonymous said...

Casino is a gambling place but also a entertaining place for other activity like playing slot machine, video game, i am sure not everyone go to casino solely for gamble and not relaxing or trying to amuse himself, it is nothing to do with religion, or a person faith. The government need it to generate tax revenue, the license holder need it for profit making, the public need it for gaming and entertainment, job seeker need it for employment, why all these imbeciles like to relate everything to a religion even with gambling, go figure it out yourself. Gambling is not a big deal that need me to spend much time whining about it at all. ...hahaha...bravo!

Yap said...

"Source of income for umno" That the reason


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