Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anwar : The Energizing Pogostick ! The Monkey King!

"The Malaysian Insider" described Anwar as "the Energizer Bunny", the battery that lasts while the others just go flat and collapse. I think he is more than that; he is The Energizing Pogostick! The more he jumps, the higher he gets. And those not careful if the pogostick lands on their heads, they are going to be very seriously hurt, if not succumbed to the extreme concussion.

The pogostick is a very simple gadget and does not consume energy; thereby will not go flat. Not only that, it goes higher and higher when you keep jumping on it. According to Wikipedia, "the pogo stick can be steered, by shifting one's weight; thus becoming an interesting form of locomotion. Later, improvements on this concept have been made, including the Vurtego, Flybar, and BowGo,[1] which allow operators to jump much higher than with a regular pogo stick. These Pogo sticks have made the new sport of Stunt Pogo possible. Backflips are also possible now with these newer sticks."

In addition, Anwar is now like the Chinese legendary "Monkey King". And you know the power of the Monkey King? His dexterity, agility, and the ability to transform himself into various forms in different shapes and sizes. Legend has it that he can change into 72 different forms! And he carries a one-ton pole (pogostick?) as his weapon. (Incidentally, his pole came from one of the Dragon King's palace pillars which was shrunked by the Monkey King to become his weapon.) Need I say more? Not necessary.

One last comment. There is this Monkey King episode where he went down the ocean to wreck havoc on the Ocean Dragon King's palace! Looks like another tsunami is coming. Hope this time it brings good tidings with all the treasures of the Dragon King washed ashore for all to pick!!

Watch the stock market closely. Are you brave enough to swim in Dragon King's ocean?

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