Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Sabah MPs recalled home after 'threats'


Apparently those two MPs were "threatened by certain quarters" and for their safety they were recalled home, according to the STAR. SAPP also had been advised by “friendly parties not to underestimate the risky consequences and likely threats to SAPP and its leaders.” Apparently, the two MPs have been receiving threats over SMSes and phone calls.

When asked to comment, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said, “In Malaysia we don’t go to that extent. It’s ridiculous. They must be joking. Who is going to threaten them? Barisan doesn’t do that.”

Did you know that at least one politicians had committed murder for political reasons, found guilty with a death sentence, but was later pardoned? Who is joking? Are we going to be like Zimbabwe and its politicians?


Monster Mom said...

I love to see the ministers making a fool out of themselves.

Who's next?

Justin Choo said...

Monster mom,

They are already making fools of themselves. But more to come.

Justin Choo said...

Monster Mom,

Just visited your blog. Yours is the best presented I've ever come across since I started blogging. As you can see I am just a baby blogger: age 58yrs. Hope to learn from your blog.


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