Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nuclear bomb unleashed in Altantuya murder case

Raja Petra the bravest of all Malaysians has unleashed a nuclear warhead in the form of a Statutory Declaration the contents of which are now well distributed in blogosphere. It is a very very serious allegation, and only RPK is brave enough to stick his neck out. I really salute him.

What he declared is nothing new, except it has now become a legal Statutory Declaration, which means that RPK must have the evidence to prove his allegations. Otherwise he would have committed an offence. We all knew a long time ago of this "rumour" spreading the blogosphere but who dares to sound the alarm?

It is an offense to make a false SD. By making this declaration, RPK has to prove that he has the evidence or he will be liable to be prosecuted. He will be in very deep trouble if he can't prove his allegations. And RPK is a very smart and brave man. I am 101% sure he knows what he is up against and knows what he is doing. Furthermore, the SD stated that "it is a crime not to reveal evidence that may help the police in its investigation of the crime."

For me, "a tiny speck of dust," will just sit and watch; and hope that peace and justice will prevail. I shall keep watch with The Malaysiakini.
(This Altantuya case from the very beginning has the smell of rotten fish. In the first place, how could a case involving a mere senior political analyst be treated as a “high profile” case? I smelt a rat immediately.)

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