Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol price sky-rocketing!!

Petrol prices will sky-rocket in days to come. Are you prepared for the worst scenario?
The economic logic and reasons may be justifiable. But I shudder to think of the dire consequences because knowing the culture of the present Government, I expect great upheavel for the awful mess it is going to generate. The Government is simply downright incompetent and unprepared for such drastic actions, to manage, monitor and enforce an equitable system.
Or are we to take the comment seriously that the government could not afford to subsidize anymore? This means no economic development and alterrnative subsidies; just NO subsidy! Hey my friends, where are we heading??
Looks like we have to take care of ourselves. For retirees like me, I have to look for alternative "green" agents of transportation, like the following:

Roller blades

I think this is too risky for me.


Definitely, not this.

Roller skates

This is more conventional. Maybe I may try this.

Penny Farthings
This looks too old fashion.

I think the above is the best bet.

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