Tuesday, June 10, 2008

South Korea Helping The Poor

The South Korean Government is helping its poor citizens. It is paying out US$10.2 billion (RM33.2b) to help its people. South Korea is the world's fifth-largest oil consuming nation. To add to its difficulties, it does not have oil of its own. If South Korea can fork out that kind of money, I cannot believe why Malaysia cannot follow suit.

Bad news is that crude oil touched a record high of US$139.12 per barrel last Friday in New York. What are we going to do when the magic figure US$ 200 becomes a reality? It is indeed very frightening.

By the way if there are so many losers, who are the gainers? And what are they going to do about it, to save the millions who are starving at this very moment?

As Mahatma Gandhi rightly reminded us: "There is enough for everyone's needs; but not enough for one's greed." (Or something to this effect.)

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